Our criminal lawyers, or criminal lawyer , offer legal services on issues that pertain to Criminal Law, specifically with the rules of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Law.

The crimes that the criminal lawyers of Jurand Abogados y Consultores Tributarios deal with are:

  • Crimes of fraud and money laundering.
  • Crimes of homicide.
  • Injuries and damages.
  • Theft, theft or scams.
  • Speeding.
  • Gender-based violence.
  • Crimes against the administration.
  • Assistance to the detainee and the victim.
  • Breathalyzer crime.
  • Minor causes.
  • Written complaint and complaints.
  • Crimes against people, privacy and honor.
  • Crimes against property.
  • Environmental crimes.
  • Crimes against Industrial and Intellectual Property.
  • Crimes against Workers’ Rights.

Our criminal team will offer you the fastest and most efficient solution in all kinds of crimes. We have a great experience. Our professionals will work on your case with closeness and complete confidentiality. We want to give you the peace that gives you the security of having a team of professionals, who manages the entire process and keeps you well advised at all times.

To be able to undertake a successful handling of these types of cases, we have of a large multidisciplinary team that can work in cases that require extensive and varied knowledge by combining various subjects from our areas of legal practice. Increasingly, the cases that are presented are not exclusive to a single subject and require a knowledge of very diverse areas or specialties of Law.

How can having a police record affect me?

The existence of a police record can be a problem in the following cases:

  • Renewal of administrative permits.
  • Nationality or immigration permits.
  • < li> Gun license.

  • Identification before a police officer who can change his behavior towards the person by checking our data.

In these situations, it may be necessary present a process of allegations or file a Contentious Administrative Appeal to defend our interests.

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Can the criminal record be expunged?

Police records can be canceled in whole or in part. To achieve this, you need to make a request to the security body in which these records are recorded, together with the documents that justify the request.

Reasons that allow the cancellation of police records:

    < li> Wrong data
  • Compliance with the sentence or sanction
  • Archiving or dismissal
  • Absolution.

Cancellation does not It will be valid if the criminal record certificate is not negative , the trial is still pending or the interested party is within the suspension of the sentence.

Do you need help canceling your police record?

At Jurand Abogados y Consultores Tributarios we have Criminal Lawyers in Granada, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Córdoba and Ceuta , who will be in charge of defending your interests against any type of criminal procedure or cancellation of police records.

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