At Jurand Abogados you will find a great team of professionals and divorce lawyers.

We have extensive experience in satisfactorily solving all types of cases related to family law, and especially with separations and divorces.

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Our divorce lawyers will always look out for the particular interests of each client, trying to promote conciliatory formulas as the first means of resolution. Since in this way we shorten the duration of divorces and the waiting time in general in any type of procedure.

In the event that the dialogue is not enough, our divorce lawyers focus on defending the client before the Courts, with great professionalism and rigor.

Among other things, our divorce lawyers offer you the following services:

  • Resolution of contentious divorces.
  • Express divorces.
  • Separations.
  • Preparation of regulatory agreement.
  • Adoptions and foster care.
  • Domestic couples.
  • Guardianship and custody, Patria Potestad.
  • Alimony and compensatory pension.
  • Modifications of the sentencing measures.
  • Inheritances and Legitimate.
  • Use of common housing.
  • Acknowledgment of Affiliation.

Types of divorces that exist

We can distinguish between three types of divorces:

Divorce by mutual agreement

In a divorce by mutual agreement the spouses and the lawyer of both make a mutual agreement Agreement by which the former spouses will be governed from that moment on. To opt for this type of divorce cheaper and faster, three months must have passed since the marriage.

Contentious divorce

Contentious divorce is usually a longer and expensive process , since each member of the marriage tries to fight for their own interests without the consent of the other party , with the representation of a lawyer by each party.

In addition, it is elaborated A lawsuit for divorce.

When the oral trial is over, the judge issues a decree of divorce.

Express divorce

Very similar to an uncontested divorce. Dissolution of the marriage is carried out quickly and easily. The spouses only need to agree on the decision to end their marriage.

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Documentation needed in a divorce

The necessary documentation will be different in an uncontested divorce and a contentious divorce. In any case, our team of divorce and separation lawyers are in charge of compiling it, or advising you on how to do it.

For contentious divorces:

  • Marriage certificate.
  • Birth certificate of the children, if any.
  • The last registration certificate.
  • The signed divorce agreement.
  • If there is The deeds of marriage agreements must be submitted.
    • The income statement pertaining to the last two years.
    • The receipts of the different expenses of the children and the receipts of the consumption of the house

Necessary documentation in divorces by mutual agreement:

  • Marriage certificate.
  • Minors’ birth certificate.
  • Last registration certificate.
  • Regulatory divorce agreement signed.
  • Deeds of marriage agreements.

How much are the fees of a divorce attorney?

The fees may vary considerably if you opt for a divorce by mutual agreement or a contentious one. Since in divorces by mutual agreement, the price of the expert divorce lawyer can be shared between the couple.
Contact us without obligation to inform you about the fees of our Granada divorce lawyers.

Differences between separations and divorces

The marriage is only dissolved by divorce or marriage annulment. That is why we speak of separation when the spouses are still married but their cohabitation or relationship ceases. While in divorce the marriage relationship is completely broken, being able to remarry if they wish.

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