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At Jurand Abogados y Consultores Tributarios we have extensive experience in the field of Succession Law . Our inheritance lawyers in Granada and Madrid, specialized in this area of ​​law, will be in charge of guaranteeing you the most favorable result in any matter related to inheritances, successions and wills.

Services we offer in Jurand

Among the services we offer in our law firm specialized in inheritance we find:
  • Processing of inheritance.
  • Obtaining the necessary certificates
  • Preparation of the Inventory.
  • Drafting of Particional Notebook.
  • Preparation and presentation of the Inheritance Tax before the Delegation.
  • Necessary steps for registration in the Registry of Ownership of real estate.
  • Advice on property distribution.
  • Advice on types of wills and inheritance tax.
Our family lawyers are also in charge of resolving the following conflicts regarding the division of common property:
  • Filing of lawsuits, when the legitimate of forced heirs is harmed.
  • Invalidity and ineffectiveness of wills.

How is the inheritance divided when there is a will?

In cases where there is no will, there may be various assumptions:

  • That the testator has made the partition of his estate.
  • That he has appointed a person who is in charge of this operation.
  • The distribution of the deceased’s estate will be respected as long as the distribution of the assets does not harm the forced heirs.

What happens when there is no will?

When a will is written, the role of inheritance lawyers is limited to carrying out the necessary protocols and the corresponding legal supervision .

On the other hand, yes the person dies without drafting his will, the Law will determine the legal succession (what we know as legitimate succession), as well as the order of it.

The order would be as follows:

  • Descendants.
  • Ascendants.
  • Spouse.
  • Collaterals (brothers, nephews …).
  • Rest of relatives up to fourth degree

Do you need to ask us a question?

What period do I have for the liquidation of the Inheritance Tax?

The legislation offers a period of six months, counted from the death of the deceased, to settle the Inheritance Tax. Although it must be taken into account that there are some special rules that your inheritance lawyer will indicate you .

This period could be extended by six more months if requested by the legitimate person within five months after the deceased’s death.

What taxes must be paid on an inheritance?

The taxes to pay for an inheritance is an issue that causes special concern both for the person who drafts the inheritance, as well as for the legal heirs.

The taxes that must be paid in an inheritance will be different based on a number of factors. These are dependent on the amount of the inheritance, the group belonging to it and, above all, the autonomous community.

These taxes are specifically contemplated in the inheritance tax.

In the event If you inherit an urban land, the well-known capital gain charge will also be given.

From Jurand Abogados we advise you to hire the best legal advice to process the inheritance in the most advantageous way.

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