At Jurand Abogados y Consultores we have law firms with a lawyer for minors in Granada, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Córdoba and Ceuta, although we serve all of Spain. We work to ensure the best interests of the minor.

From our law firm we offer you the best legal advice in any judicial and extrajudicial matter related to minors. In such delicate moments, having the experience and knowledge of our attorney for minors will allow you to feel the peace of mind of being in the best hands.

Services we offer at Jurand Abogados for minors

Our lawyers specializing in minors have extensive experience to attend to the specific legal needs that affect minors; from the possible complaint, to the end of the judicial procedure, including the execution and monitoring of the sentence.

Some of the crimes that our professionals deal with on a daily basis are:

Family abuse < / h3>

Situations that take place in the family environment, which go against an adequate physical, emotional and cognitive development of minors . These crimes are more reprehensible, since in addition to the crime of mistreatment, the duties of guardianship, care and protection are infringed, in addition to the special duties of respect that members united by family or coexistence ties have.

Sexual abuse and assault.

Acts of a sexual nature in which the victim is a minor with lack of consent or flawed , in the case of abuse. In sexual assaults on minors, they are subjected to violence and / or intimidation.
International child abduction. If your child under 16 is taken abroad without your authorization, we may be facing an international abduction case. This occurs when the minor is transferred or has been retained in another country without the parent’s permission, or the minor has been transferred or retained in another country in contravention of the custody rights of the country in which the minor had his / her habitual residence. .


Bullying occurs when a child or group of children exerts violence on others through physical, verbal or emotional intimidation , with the intention of causing fear or harm to the victim.

Juvenile offenders

Our lawyers offer advice and specialized legal assistance to juvenile offenders from the moment of arrest, prosecution of minors and juvenile courts, with the corresponding appearances for precautionary measures, mediation sessions and enforcement.

In addition, we have a multidisciplinary team and specialized psychologist collaborators who will be involved in the comprehensive recovery of the minors and their families. In addition, with this service we take care of issuing expert reports when necessary to document legal processes.

Our lawyers specialized in minors will be able to advise you in case of:

  • Superior interest of the minor.
  • The minor’s right to be heard.
  • Guardianship and foster care in situations of distress.
  • Abduction of minors.
  • Rights of the minor.
  • Crimes of minors.
  • Shared and exclusive custody in divorce cases.
  • Mechanisms protection of minors.
  • Adoption.
  • Centers for the protection of minors.

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