It is common for communities of neighbors and owners to have disputes and conflicts that may affect the coexistence and interests of the tenants.

That is why it is so important to have a good lawyer who is in charge of advising neighboring communities. These professionals specialized in communities of owners know how to act in each case and help to solve possible problems in the Community before they go to more.

Services offered by the lawyer specialized in Neighborhood Communities

The community of owners lawyers at Jurand Abogados y Consultores Tributarios are specialized in Real Estate Law and have extensive experience with the different aspects that can affect communities of owners.

If you are looking for a neighborhood community lawyer, in Jurand Abogados you will find a team of real estate lawyers, always attentive to the legislative changes that affect the Horizontal Property Law. The real estate issues we deal with most frequently are:

  • Evictions.
  • Claims for non-payment and delinquency.
  • Annoying activities such as noise.
  • Claims of spills.
  • Defects in construction.
  • Works without permission in common areas.
  • Advice on approval of agreements.
  • Conflicts with the City Council.

The constitutive title of the statute of the community of owners establishes the following norms:

  • Execution of works previously communicated to the Community.
  • Do not reduce or alter the general structure of the building, security or the exterior condition.
  • Do not carry out activities that are prohibited in the statutes or that damage the building in any flat or premises.
  • The President has the authority to enforce the norms established in this constitutive title.
  • Do not harm the rights of other owners.
  • No owner can make changes to the rest of the building before communicating with the Administrator.
  • The Community of Neighbors lawyer is also in charge of enforcing all the rules established in the statute of the community of owners.

How is the community composed?

The conformation of the community of owners is established in the Horizontal Property Law as follows:

  • Owner board. Made up of all the owners of the homes and premises.
  • President and Vice President.
  • They are appointed by the owners through an election. The president is a mandatory figure in the Community, unlike the vice president.
  • Secretary and Administrator. Although both positions can be carried out by the same person.

Obligations of the homeowner

  • Take care of the common facilities of the Community.
  • Preserve and maintain your apartment or premises in good condition, repairing possible damage caused by it or its tenants.
  • Admit the necessary repairs requested by the Community in their premises or home, allow the creation of common services that benefit the entire community and have the right to be compensated in case of damage for these reasons.
  • Contribute to the general expenses for the correct operation and maintenance of the property.
  • Contribute according to the participation fee, to the creation of a reserve fund for the Community.

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