The Firm

As a member of the Barcelona Bar Association and a university professor with
extensive teaching and research experience, Juan Ramón Medina Cepero began his professional career in 1997 by founding the law firm Junceda & Medina, based in Barcelona and Oviedo, and dedicated to the provision of legal, educational and outreach services.

After almost two decades dedicated to practicing law in Barcelona, ​​he decided to
move to Andalucía, doing the same with his business activity. It is then, when Jurand, Lawyers & Tax Consultants, was born, a firm that since then has not stopped growing and currently provides its services nationally and internationally.

With more than twenty professionals making up its team, Jurand offers its clients a wide range of resources and solutions, both legal, economic, financial and real estate. The offer also goes further and delves into the fields related to business and technology law. Thus, it stands out from the line usually followed by other professional firms.

Jurand bets to commitment and personal treatment with each client. His closeness and concern for each issue and person has led Jurand to grow steadily since its beginning. Although the professional firm has clients on five continents, it currently has physical offices in Granada and Madrid, and intends to establish itself, also permanently, in Barcelona, ​​Murcia, Malaga, Marbella, Ceuta and Oviedo.